CosmoJazz Festival 2017


This year I was in the CosmoJazz Festival photographers’ team for the first time.

Shooting up to 5 gigs per day for 10 days and delivering the photos on time for a daily post on the festival’s website and social media was quite challenging,  and so was reporting to a highly skilled and experienced senior photojournalist who reviewed and selected the photos (check out which shots made it to the gallery: CosmoJazz Festival Photo Gallery).

I loved every minute, learned a lot, got to hear some amazing music and to meet cool people. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


Musicians featured:

  • Anthony Joseph
  • Grèn Sémé
  • Kumbia Boruka
  • Renaud Garcia-Fons
  • Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus
  • Foehn Trio
  • Mathias Duplessy et les Violons du Monde
  • D.I.V.A
  • Pipon Garcia Trio feat. Sir Jean


  • CosmoJazz Festival, Chamonix

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