CosmoJazz Festival 2018


This was a very good CosmoJazz Festival edition, and I had a great time with my fellow photographers in the official team.

As always shooting up to 5 gigs per day for 10 days, delivering the photos on time for a daily post on the festival’s website and social media and reporting to our boss, a highly skilled photojournalist who reviewed and selected the photos required focus and energy,  but what a blast! Check out the published shots on the  CosmoJazz Festival Photo Gallery.

(clic on pics to enlarge)

Musicians featured:

  • China Moses
  • Arat Kilo
  • Laurent Coulondre
  • Rohey
  • Sly Johnson
  • Manu Delago
  • Yom
  • Cabaret Contemporain
  • Selkies
  • Mosin Kawa
  • Sandra Nkake
  • Hugh Coltman
  • Onefoot
  • Dorantes


  • CosmoJazz Festival, Chamonix

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